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Bitcoin Marketing During the Bear

While interest in “Crypto” and “Blockchain has gone down, the acceleration of Bitcoin adoption, Lightning Network advancements, and Layer 3 advancements (Fedipools, Fedimints, eCash) are happening at a breakneck speed.

Venture Capital always chases “What is hot” it has proven a mistake. As the crypto market cap increases again, (which it wildue to hard headed VC’s) capital will begin pouring into worthless alt projects. Bitcoin will also receive its fair share of investment, and those with the best marketing will win.

Bitcoin companies should intentionally consider how they can create awareness and a marketing strategy without blowing through their runway. A great product with bad marketing will fail, a ok product with great marketing, will thrive.

Let’s talk about how marketing can be strategized without deeply impacting burn and the company runway into your next series raise.

Bitcoin Marketing w/ a Low Time Preference

It is easy to go head down and drop the ball on non-engineering aspects of a business. Creating brand awareness and getting users to consider your brand among the competition becomes more important by the day. There is a lack of marketers who understand Bitcoin on a fundamental level.

Bitcoin is becoming less of a nascent technology over time, and large players are beginning to roll out enterprise and midmarket solutions. A few Bitcoin-focused companies are also starting to hit their Series A and Series B fundraises. This is a signal that the Bitcoin market is maturing and capital is needed to continue to grow these legitimate businesses that have legs!

Nearly 2 years ago when our Co-Founders Alex Wells and Bobby Shell founded Imprint they had a mission to help serve Bitcoin companies and help them become discovered by the market. Imprint as a part of its mission is driven like many to create 1 billion + Bitcoiners.

Our team has created a cost-effective solution that gives you a marketing expert and a marketing strategy that fits your business needs. Crafted to serve your ideal customer profile.

No to alts, not blockchains. BTC only

We are Bitcoin only. As an organization, we hold Bitcoin on our balance sheet and find it important to partner with other principled Bitcoiners who are on the mission of bringing a Bitcoin standard.

The money is broken, and incentives that drive economic actors are broken. While we serve a deep and wide breadth of businesses, clients, and markets, our values align with sound money that allows entrepreneurs and rational economic actors to thrive.

If you have a Bitcoin company and need a reliable, driven, and results-oriented marketing department that can get you to the growth stage of your organization we are excited to help. We understand one day everything goes in the house. Our goal is to get you there.

Some brands may choose to use our Fractional CMO Solution, we can serve you there as well.

Ultimately, our goal is to help your brand rapidly grow and to help bring hyperbitcoinization to the world so that our children will not have to experience time theft. We look forward to hearing from you.