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What does interim CMO mean?

Every brand needs marketing, with that understood the question is, do we hire full-time, or do we bring an interim CMO for the organization? An interim CEO is a Chief Marketing Officer who has been brought alongside the company for a part-time or full-time basis for an undecided amount of time.

In 2023 many brands are preferring to hire an interim CMO (or Fractional CMO) to fill the needs of the organization compared to hiring a long-term position at the company.

Purpose of the Interim CMO

Many times an interim CMO is brought on within the organization to fill a void during a transitional period. This could be during a growth phase of the company or when the company is in the process of hiring a full-time CMO.

We have seen cases where a brand hires an interim CMO because the prior CMOs tenure came to an end, or because a growing team needs immediate marketing leadership.

This year specifically we have seen a rise in brands seeking out leadership for campaigns and growth stage transitions where it can almost feel like a risk to hire someone on full-time. The “try before you buy” model is a real thing.

Leadership Qualities of an Interim/Fractional CMO

Many companies have small to medium size marketing teams already built out. Systems may already in place and the marketing group simply needs the experience and leadership of a CMO who can develop, strategize and oversee comprehensive marketing plans.

Interim CMOs should bring various strategies and plans to make an immediate impact on the brand. An interim CMO should be capable to to make an instantaneous impact on the business to improve brand, targeting, conversion funnels, story, and much more.

If you do have a marketing department that lacks leadership or needs the interim Fractional CMO to drive the strategy and execution and build the team, they should have that skillset to hire, guide and direct a team of professionals.

Differences between Interim CMO and Fractional CMO

The terms interim CMO and fractional CMO often get used interchangeably. While both roles are typically part-time executive marketing roles in an organization, interim sometimes is used to refer to a CMO role until a full-time role is found.

Many brands hire fractional CMOs part-time or full-time because of the cost savings compared to hiring a CMO outright. (more detail found here)

Finding the Right hire

One of the most challenging decisions for a business owner or operator is finding a marketing leader that aligns with the company’s mission, vision, and goals. If you have been in business for more than a few years, you have likely changed who sits in this seat more than once!

This is where Imprint Digital helps. We have a team of interim and fractional CMOs who have decades of experience leading across organizations and online brands. Whether filling a gap in leadership, tackling a challenging campaign, or breaking into a new stage of growth, our team has the skillset, communication capabilities, and reporting you need to feel confident in your decision.

Reach out today. We would love to chat and are thrilled for the opportunity to serve you.